Useful products and gadgets to aid independent living

PUBLISHED: 12:42 02 July 2019 | UPDATED: 12:42 02 July 2019

A kettle tipper is designed to fit most kettle types which allows the user to safely pour out the contents into wherever they are needed

A kettle tipper is designed to fit most kettle types which allows the user to safely pour out the contents into wherever they are needed


Elizabeth Usher advises us on the many products available to help us live more independently

I have arthritis in my hands and, although it is largely managed, I do find it difficult carrying out what used to be the simplest tasks - particularly in the kitchen. Can you advise on any aids that could help, please?

There are plenty of great products widely available that can help you in the kitchen. From stylish kettle¬tippers that avoid you having to carry a heavy kettle, to easy-to-grip cutlery, can openers, jar openers, trays, non-slip matting and more, there's a solution to most problems.

With my limited mobility, I find it difficult getting in and out of the bath. I do have a shower enclosure as well, but I'm not ready to give up my relaxing soaks in the bath just yet. Help!

Domestic bath lifts are able to take you right down into the bath so you can have a nice soak in your favourite bubble bath, and then when you are ready just push a button and up you come.

My family have been trying to persuade me to move to a bungalow as it's becoming a bit of a struggle getting up and down the stairs. I've lived in my two-storey house for nearly 40 years, though, and don't really want to leave it. Are there any options?

There's a great selection of stair lifts and domestic through-floor lifts that can be fitted into your home. Many companies will offer a free service so they can pop around and give you a free quote to get you up and down your stairs in no time.

I remember the days when I could touch my toes - it doesn't seem that long ago! - but back and shoulder pain is preventing me from pulling on socks and tights without wincing...even pulling on a jacket is difficult. What used to take five minutes is now closer to an hour, so is there anything that can help?

There are some really helpful gadgets to help you get dressed, so there really is no need to struggle. Aids such as dressing sticks, zip-pullers and sock aids are readily available and will help you get dressed without assistance in a jiffy.

As I'm getting older, I'm finding most of the seats in my house are too low (even the loo's becoming an issue!). Getting down's not the problem, but there must be something to make it easier to get back on my feet. I really don't want to replace all my furniture.

There are some great toilets seats on the market, which come with a lid, and handles to give you that little boost to get you up. There are also some handy furniture raisers that will make your furniture higher without affecting your seating position, keeping your arm height and back support the same. For a quick and inexpensive solution, you could buy a specially-¬designed cushion or chair pad to help you out.

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