Talking About Convenience

PUBLISHED: 16:23 01 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:27 20 February 2013

Talking About Convenience

Talking About Convenience

Gadgets and gizmos have made our lives simpler...and thanks to speech recognition technology from Nuance, they're getting even easier to use!

Talking About Convenience

Gadgets and gizmos have made our lives simpler...and thanks to speech recognition technology from Nuance, theyre getting even easier to use!

Almost everywhere you look, the quality of modern life has been enriched by products or services that major on convenience. Whether its the blissful simplicity of boiling water in a kettle, the satisfying ping of a microwave signalling that a dish is ready, or the ability to book tickets for flights, shows or films online, it is so much easier to get more done, whether youre in the home or in the workplace.

In many cases, we have technology to thank for much of the convenience we enjoy and take for granted today. Its relentless march never stops in its quest to make our lives easier, and more often than not, it succeeds. For many people though, convenience isnt a luxury, its a necessity. Without it, how would we find the time to cram in the needs and demands of our family, home, work and our social lives?

Speak easy

As our lives get busier, theres an even greater need for products that make our lives simpler. Take, for instance, your PC or Mac. Key elements of our daily lives are now online or digital, and were spending more time using computers and tablet devices, whether for work, catching up with family via email, sharing photos or searching the internet for news, information, or in the pursuit of our interests or hobbies. While in their own way computers bring convenience to our lives, there is a way to make computers use even easier, quicker and more convenient. Thanks to massive improvements in speech recognition technology, talking to your PC is now a practical reality. Today, anyone who uses a computer for work, or pleasure can enjoy the benefits of products like Dragon NaturallySpeaking for a PC or Dragon Dictate for Mac, from Nuance Communications, a leading developer of speech recognition technology.

When science fiction becomes reality

Although the concept of talking to a computer might sound like something to excite Star Trek fans, in reality for many years Dragon has been wowing people including lawyers, teachers, and medical professionals. Today, Dragon is increasingly wowing home users too, because it enables them to access all of the power and communication abilities of their PC simply by talking. You can use Dragon to create and send emails, to search the internet, or to write or respond to letters. With Dragon, you can give the keyboard and mouse a rest, put your feet up, and still do all things that you needed to do, more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Furthermore, because we typically speak up to three times faster than we type, Dragon makes it possible to do more in less time, leaving you with more spare time to do all the other things that you want or need to do.

Bringing benefits to all users

If you have tried desktop speech recognition in the past, then youll find todays Dragon speech recognition a revelation in terms of performance, accuracy and ease of use. Even the set up is simplicity itself; a few minutes after installing it, you can be up and dictating or controlling key applications with your voice, effortlessly. In terms of accuracy, Dragon boasts recognition rates of up to 99%, ensuring that what you say is correctly and promptly turned in to text.

Dragon is so versatile that most people even those with limited computing experience - can enjoy using it. Computer novices love Dragon because they dont have to learn how to use the keyboard or mouse. For people who suffer discomfort using the keyboard and mouse, Dragon gives instant access to the power of a computer and makes the online world and all its content easily accessible. For students, Dragon helps them power through homework and dissertations, leaving them more time to enjoy chatting with their friends online, or enjoying other social activities in or outside the home. Busy parents have come to appreciate Dragon for the speed at which it enables them to quickly sort out the typical admin that comes with running a home, like updating a spreadsheet that shows the monthly finances, or updating a busy diary with new entries to ensure everything runs as it should, when it should. Even the gadget lover in your family who must have the latest in technology will be stunned by Dragons uncanny ability to transcribe their speech word for word and they will no-doubt relish impressing their friends with their latest time saving gadget.

Speech recognition on the desktop, on your mobile, in the living room and in your car

Perhaps the real beauty of Dragon speech recognition technology, is that it uses the power of the human voice to make life easier. While speech enabled PCs are a revelation for users, the great news is that speech technology is set to make even more aspects of our lives more convenient. By way of example, you may already be aware that the latest Apple iPhone uses a speech-enabled application called Siri, a voice-activated personal assistant for your mobile phone. In addition to this, voice control is also coming to your TV, following the launch of Nuances Dragon TV. New TV sets from companies including LG, Panasonic and Samsung will put an end to the search for the remote control. Want to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony? Simply say Dragon TV, go to BBC one... its as simple as that.

Voice controls are coming to a greater number of cars too, thanks to Dragon Drive! With drivers facing so many distractions while on the road, Dragon Drive! brings voice commands to control the embedded and connected features of in-car systems such as the radio, satellite navigation systems and communication devices. This safety feature enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

We dont have to go too far back in time to an era when speech recognition was considered to be science fiction fantasy. Today thats changed and the speech revolution being driven by Dragon is bringing real convenience to even more people, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing. Isnt it time Dragon made your life easier?

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