Cotswold Weddings: 4 top tips for planning your day

PUBLISHED: 15:03 18 February 2016 | UPDATED: 17:23 18 February 2016

COT Feb16 Weddings - Planner -

COT Feb16 Weddings - Planner -


Julia Sibun has been planning weddings for more than 15 years and still finds each and every one of them unique and memorable. She shares her tips and showcases the trends

Decisions, Decisions

When you first start planning your wedding day sit down together to work out your budget before you book any suppliers. Include your parents if they are contributing towards the day. Try to be realistic and keep to your budget during the planning stages. If your parents are contributing be mindful that it’s nice to ask for their input from time to time.

Don’t ask too many people for their opinions as this can become confusing and may blur your vision of what you would both like for the day. Always be honest with your choices and decisions, this is your day and it’s important that it reflects your personality and wishes.

Ask friends who have recently married to recommend suppliers. Remember to then ask those suppliers to recommend people they’ve worked alongside, you might find a small network of suppliers that can achieve excellent results as they know how each other works.

On Trend

Barn venues remain a strong trend this year. The relaxed setting allows you to put your own spin on rustic chic. Squirrel light bulbs really suit the theme and create a fun atmosphere.

Couples are continuing to move away from the regular reception layout of round tables and are opting for long rectangular tables, or a mix of long tables surrounded by round and square tables.

Flowers are not necessary. Potted trees, succulents, ferns, herbs, lavender and spring bulbs have now become a focal point of table decorations. The tables need not look the same as each other so mix up your centrepieces.

It’s out with the traditional wedding cake for many as the pudding is becoming the cake, with tiered cheesecakes and even apple crumbles. You could book an ice cream wedding cake with three or four flavours. It is fun to serve the ice cream in Mr & Mrs tubs later in the evening as your late night food.

Do Everything in an Orderly Fashion

The key items to book first are your church, venue, and photographer, buy your wedding dress, and sort the catering, the bar and then your entertainment. After you have ticked those off your list you can enjoy working on the smaller details.

Send out your invitations earlier than you think you need to, and give an RSVP date earlier than you need. People need plenty of notice and there will inevitably be some guests who need to be chased for their reply.

On the Day

Ask your band to arrive, set up and do a sound test before your guests arrive at the reception so the guests have a complete surprise after the wedding breakfast and you haven’t been disturbed during the reception.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Arrangements may not always go to plan but try to relax. Your guests are there to be with you and enjoy your day and they are usually completely unaware of any small hitches.

Give your flower table arrangements to family and friends at the end of the evening to take home with them. Every bride is told, and it is true, that the day passes very quickly. It’s so important to enjoy every moment and not rush it. Give yourself plenty of time for the ceremony, reception and party. A good photographer will record the wonderful moments that you miss.

And lastly a wedding planner can take the stress out of your day by coordinating and overseeing all the suppliers and contractors. They are also responsible for the timing on the day leaving you free to enjoy your wedding without any worry, stress or responsibility.

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