A day in the life of Angel the chihuahua at Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home

PUBLISHED: 11:37 30 April 2020 | UPDATED: 11:46 30 April 2020

Angel the chihuahua at CDCH

Angel the chihuahua at CDCH


What is a day like for a cute little chihuahua at the home?


One of our carers comes to check how we slept and opens up our outside runs just in case we really need the loo!


More of our humans arrive to give us a morning walk, a scrummy breakfast and some fresh water. They give our kennels a little spruce and make sure we have a clean, comfy bed and usually a new toy or two.

Angel the chihuahua at CDCHAngel the chihuahua at CDCH


We get a longer walk now, sometimes we go to the woods. We get to play with our other doggo friends, or have some training from our carers. The humans like to mix it up every day to make it new and exciting.

Some days, after a walk, we have to see the vet so they can make sure we are fit and healthy. We don’t really mind as our vet is really kind and patient, she gives us lots of treats and helps us calm down if we get scared. Right now, we only have to go and see the vet if we are poorly, the vet is making sure we are doing well by talking with our carers or using a video call to look us over.


The humans give us a lunchtime snack and leave us to have an afternoon siesta. Later on, it’s back to some fun and games. We sometimes go for a ride out in the van and go to a park but at the moment, our carers have said we can’t go out and about as we normally would.

They’ve also told us that it might take a little longer than usual to find our new families. We’re not allowed to have visitors come to meet us at the centre at the moment but our carers are making sure we have a great day, every day until we can go to our new homes.

Angel the chihuahua at CDCHAngel the chihuahua at CDCH

After an afternoon full of walks, training, cuddles and play, it’s our favourite time of day – dinner time!

We usually take a little nap after dinner to let our food go down before going out for a final evening stroll. At 7pm, it’s time for bed. Our humans come around and make sure we all have everything we need for the night - a clean dry bed, a snuggly toy and a bed time treat.


The Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home are currently struggling as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Please read about their latest appeal here.

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