Designer Jade Jagger

PUBLISHED: 12:00 29 January 2010 | UPDATED: 15:20 20 February 2013

Jade Jagger

Jade Jagger

It's sophisticated town meets laidback country as this mother of two, jewellery designer and famous daughter turnsa her attention to an exclusive water parks development

We knew the Cotswolds were cool when Damien Hirst bought Toddington; when Jessica Sainsbury opened Cowley Manor; when Hugh Grant was caught playing golf at Stinchcombe and Elle Macpherson was spotted watching polo at Cirencester. But Jade Jagger? In Lechlade?

Well, it's true. Ultra-cool designer daughter of Mick and Bianca, Jade has been working on a 'second home' retreat for the Lakes by Yoo, a private 650-acre estate of startlingly clear lakes and age-old woodland on the doorstep of the traditional market town of Lechlade-on-Thames.

She and business partner Tom Bartlett have been brought in by the Yoo design studio to create individual floor plans and personal palettes of furniture, fixtures, finishes and fittings for the 160 homes that will be built here in phases. A mere hour-and-a-half from London, the development is expected to attract city-based families who hanker for a part-time rural existence.

In an exclusive Cotswold Life interview, we asked Jade to tell us more about her work, her feelings for the Cotswolds - and whether her life really is all parties, glitz and glamour...

Jade, what do the Cotswolds mean to you?

I have quite a few friends that live in the area and find it a perfect escape from their busy lives in the city. Along with being breathtakingly beautiful there truly is a real sense of community here.

We love your designs for homes at The Lakes by Yoo, by the way - sophisticated town meets laidback country. How did you come up with your ideas?

The biggest influence in the design was definitely my family. I wanted to create an environment that both accommodated us spending time together but also gave everyone the opportunity to have their own space.

Meal times are always our best times together, which is why we chose to design an open plan kitchen and dining area - this way I can socialise with my friends and family while preparing a meal and I don't feel like I'm holed up in the kitchen.

We also created a Moroccan-inspired lounge room - which provides an intimate chill-out area where you can read a book, watch a DVD or just have some time to yourself.

Describe your style for us...

I don't really like to pigeon hole myself in to one particular 'style'; at The Lakes we tried to keep everything as open and neutral as possible to enable us to maximise the impact of the surrounding area. We used a lot of glass and added a double height space to draw in the natural surroundings - views of the lake, the meadows and landscaping all add to the interior.

Were you inspired by the Cotswold surroundings?

Absolutely, again our design completely revolved around bringing the best of outside in.

What do you think residents at The Lakes will enjoy most about their homes?

Being able to enjoy what the Cotswolds has to offer - it is about creating a safe and secure haven for families to enjoy time away from their urban life; where families can indulge in the many local activities such as fishing, canoeing, sailing, swimming or just climbing a tree or going for a walk.

The word on the street is that you're buying one of The Lakes houses yourself! Any truth in that?

It is definitely something we are considering; I have properties in London and Ibiza at the moment so it is more a matter of whether it is practical for me to have a third home.

Nicaragua, Paris, London, Manhattan and now Ibiza... You have worldwide connections, but tell us: are you just a simple country girl at heart?

Absolutely! Ever since my late teens I have either lived in the English countryside or in Ibiza - where I own a very private converted farmhouse engulfed in ten acres of land. My recent move to London and city living are actually quite foreign to me - people often assume that I live this rock and roll city lifestyle but it couldn't be farther than the truth. I am very much a laid back, country girl at heart.

You are most well known for your jewellery line and interior design is a relatively new venture. What are your plans in this field?

Yes I have been designing jewellery for well over ten years now and have recently launched my own line; however I have always taken a very creative approach to the surroundings I live in. I've been known to reshuffle the furniture around in hotel rooms to make them more my own (I pretty much grew up in them!) So interiors are not necessarily new to me!

We launched our first project 'The Jade' in Manhattan two years ago which was our first commercial venture and it was a great experience - being equally both challenging and rewarding.

We are also currently in the process of designing apartments in Turkey and Morocco which we plan to launch later this year.

You've also spoken of how 'homes need to be restructured to accommodate the way we live'; that we need to get away from being a society based around Victorian houses. How should our houses look now?

We certainly live in a society now where quality functional design is accessible for all budgets and tastes, which is long overdue. Like our design at The Lakes, it was really important for us to create a space that allowed for the family to spend as much time together despite everyone's busy lifestyle; we really moved away from creating lots of little rooms with closed doors - which is very Victorian.

We picture you having a glamorous lifestyle - tell us about it!

Firstly, I am the mother of two beautiful daughters and, secondly, I have been fortune enough to channel my creativity into both my interior and jewellery design businesses.

I have also recently created a lifestyle brand that promotes young music talent in Ibiza - Glamorous? Maybe to some, but I'm just really doing what I love and again I am much more content spending the day designing in my farmhouse than dancing on tables!

What is your own home style?

It is very laidback with a hint of funk and glamour. I love using a lot of textures throughout and get a lot of my inspiration from my travels throughout India and Morocco.

I have two children and four dogs and I have always had an open-door policy wherever I am so there is always a lot going on around me. Other than my bathroom, which is my sanctuary away from it all, I've tried to create a place where all are welcome; I certainly don't live in any uninviting gallery like spaces.

The Lakes by Yoo is at Lechlade, GL7 3DT. You can find out more about the development at

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