Appeal for transplant match at Cotswold Airport

PUBLISHED: 08:33 21 August 2010 | UPDATED: 17:44 20 February 2013

A caring sister is appealing for donors to help find a match for her seriously ill brother

A caring sister has launched an appeal for blood donors in an attempt to find a match for her seriously ill brother.

And she is urging people to attend a blood donor registering session at Cotswold Airport, in Gloucestershire, on Wednesday (Aug 25), as part of her campaign.

Josh Whiting, 18, was diagnosed with a blood condition called Aplastic Anaemia, which means his bone marrow doesnt produce enough new cells.

His sister Lucie says the condition resulted from medication he was taking to deal with a liver problem he was suffering from in February.

However, despite Josh undergoing various treatments to help cure the condition, Lucie says the only option left now is a bone marrow transplant, and searches on the NHS Blood and Transplant Service database have so far not been able to find a match.

As a result, she has arranged for a blood donor registration session to take place at Cotswold Airport, on Wednesday, in an attempt to find a suitable donor.

Lucie, 23, who works for airport-based JB Global Ltd and lives in Corsham, Wilts, said: "You never think something like this will happen to people you know or love, so this has come as such a shock as Josh is one of those people who very rarely even gets a cold, let alone something so serious.

To be struck with such an awful illness is very hard for Josh and the rest of the family to deal with, but knowing that out of everyone in the whole world on the register, that no one is a perfect match is very hard to take in which is why we are so desperate to find him a match asap."

Josh, who also comes from Corsham and attends the NGM music academy in Thornbury, Bristol, is currently receiving up to three blood transfusions a week in an attempt to keep his levels up, although Lucie says his body is still not storing the cells.

The NHS Blood and Transplant Service will be at AV8 restaurant , next to the airport control tower, between 11am and 1pm on Wednesday (Aug 25), to register people as blood donors.

Not only will their details be used to try and find a match for Josh, they will also go onto the national register .

In addition, people can sign up on the Anthony Nolan Trust website ( They will then be sent a saliva test kit, which can be sent back freepost.

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