Work that body!

PUBLISHED: 16:42 21 April 2011 | UPDATED: 19:14 20 February 2013

Work that body!

Work that body!

When the offer of a free, six-week personal training programme came into the office, Debbie Graham was put on the spot...

It served me right really. I had tentatively started getting fit back in December, which meant talking a lot about it in the office but not really doing much when I got to the gym. This would have gone on indefinitely, if an email from ReSET Health and Fitness Centre in Cheltenham had not arrived in deputy editor Candia McKormacks inbox. This email invited a member of the editorial team to undertake a six-week personal training course with them, and given my apparent interest in getting fit, Candia thought it would be right up my street. Hmm how could I reply without admitting my sessions were more about drinking coffee and socialising than breaking sweat?

Anyway the more I thought about it the more I realised the promise of being sculpted into place by a professional was too good to refuse. Graham Moxon began the ReSET Health and Fitness Centre to offer an alternative gym experience. You work out to a plan, especially designed for you, under personal supervision, meaning all the benefits of a personal trainer without the cost implications. At any one time there will only be about five people working out so there is plenty of personal attention.

Graham says: I realised that dealing with people on a more personal basis was what I wanted to do and decided to set up my own business where I could achieve these goals without the red tape and politics often involved with the large chains. ReSET is unique because it provides personal training for clients in a membership format.

Both Graham and the other personal trainer, Debbie Wall, are highly qualified and experienced, so I was in safe hands. After being weighed, having my blood pressure taken, and a whole host of other tests that formed the fitness assessment I was ready for the first session. And the next and the next I was in and committed.

They worked me hard; rowing, running, cycling, cross training, weights, sit-ups, you name it, it was there. From a nice gentle introduction session, intensity increased rapidly. Midway through the course I was so tired after a session it was an effort to walk the 800 yards home, and when I got there it was straight into PJs and onto the sofa. But then something magical happened, by Week 4 I was starting to get more energy and enjoy the challenge of working out. Hey, I could do this! Targets became something to reach and times became something to beat. Most importantly, colleagues had began to notice the difference in my shape and I could wear clothes that had not seen the light of day for years; nothing like that for a bit of motivation.

The atmosphere in the gym took me by surprise too. There is none of the anonymity of other gyms, where you do a session in virtual silence barely speaking to a soul. Here it is a friendly, welcoming place with plenty of banter between fellow members.

This is due to Grahams relaxed and informal persona, which makes everybody feel both welcome and comfortable working out, whether you are someone relatively new to gyms or a seasoned professional. Gyms, to me, are often imposing places, unwelcoming and cold; seemingly designed to make you feel inferior. Not so here. I am secure and confident, knowing I am making a difference to my body with each exercise, supervised by someone I trust.

But this is not to say they are not strict. Every exercise you do is monitored and you are encouraged constantly to strive for more. But it is always at your pace, what suits you and your body.

During the course I lost two kilograms and 10 centimetres from all over my body. But it was actually about more than just toning up and becoming more confident in what I wear. I left the course healthier and fitter than I had been for a long time. From improved fitness levels and increased muscle tone to lower blood pressure, everything had improved. Not a bad achievement from a commitment of just three hours a week. Now I just have to keep it up

The personal training course of three one-hour sessions a week for six weeks costs 90 and membership (which means unlimited sessions) is 70 a month.

Check it out for yourself and visit ReSETs open day on May 6 (10am-4pm). They are also offering Cotswold Life readers the chance of having their first months membership half price if they join on the 6th. To take up the offer all you have to do is mention Cotswold Life at the open day.

ReSET Health and Fitness Centre, Unit 1, St. Georges Place Car Park, St. Georges Place, Cheltenham. Tel: 01242 530155;

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