Gloucestershire puts its best foot forward!

PUBLISHED: 18:06 19 October 2011 | UPDATED: 20:09 20 February 2013

Gloucestershire puts its best foot forward!

Gloucestershire puts its best foot forward!

As part of the Trust's nationwide Walking Festival, the new 'National Trust One' campaign delivers 101 short walks across the South West (all one mile in length) which can now be downloaded online

Gloucestershire puts its best foot forward!

Dust off the boots, wipe down the wellies, take out the trainers and flick on the flip-flops! To celebrate the changing seasons with a bit of fresh air fun and uncomplicated outdoor adventure, National Trust South West is launching an exciting new range of one-mile walks.

As part of the Trusts nationwide Walking Festival, the new National Trust One campaign delivers 101 short walks across the South West (all one mile in length) which can now be downloaded online. Walkers of all shapes, sizes, ages and motivations can select their absolutely perfect Gloucestershire walk using National Trust Ones innovative grading system by simply selecting the type of shoes that fit the job.

With more than 120,000 acres of countryside protected by the Trust in the South West, as well as hundreds of miles of coastline, you are never far from a gentle stroll or spirited stride through a stunning landscape. From beaches and moorland to rolling hills, historic settings, picturesque villages and grand stately homes, the National Trust has something to delight all ages and abilities. And with the invention of National Trust One, each of the 101 walks is graded by its difficulty level:

  • Flip-flops - for the non-serious laidback walker

  • Trainers for those who like a little comfort

  • Wellies for those who dont mind a bit of a muddy fun

  • Walking boots for those who firmly enjoy going off the beaten track and pounding some terrain.

The 101 walks have all been designed to bring the local area to life with local experts on the flora and fauna, history, geography and geology all brought in to make the experience all the more eye-opening. Whether people are looking for a swift walk to burn off a big Sunday roast and a pint, for a good bit of fun family exercise or for an informative nature-filled stroll, National Trust One has the answer. The walks are all freely available online at

In Gloucestershire, a selection of the National Trust One walks include:

  • At Sherbone Pleasure Grounds - a Flip Flop Walk: A fun trail for families to discover a mystery two-part word by finding 13 hidden letters along the route! Start at Ewe Pen Barn and finish at the Pleasure ground, taking care to put the letters in the right order along the walk.

  • At Lodge Park, Sherbone - a Welly Walk: A walk around the grounds and the wider parkland, the route crosses a mixed terrain of grass, fields and woodland.

  • At Dyrham Deer Park - a Trainer Walk: Set within a 270-acre deer park, the route takes in Dyrhams extraordinary landscape, including breathtaking views of Bristol, the Welsh hills, and the magnificent baroque mansion.

  • At Hidcote - a Trainer Walk: A walk located high on a hill side, surrounded by pasture land and arable fields, offering outstanding views over four counties.

  • At Randwick Woods - a Trainer Walk: A walk through lowland beech and yew woodlands, with a section passing through some limestone grasslands.

  • At Westbury on Seven - A Trainer Walk: A pleasant circular stroll through farmland to the horseshoe of the river Severn; taking in views of the Cotswolds, Forest of Dean and the Garden Cliffs.

And to mark the launch of National Trust One and the nationwide, week-long Walking Festival, sponsored by PruHealth, a number of National Trust properties and countryside areas in Gloucestershire have arranged a special set of activities and guided walks. Further details of these are available from the National Trust website.

Mark Harold, South West Regional Director of the National Trust says:

National Trust One is all about getting people out into the countryside and helping them appreciate that there is so much to see and do right on their doorstep in Gloucestershire. You dont have to be a serious walker or super fit and you dont need special walking gear. The 101 walks have been designed so that absolutely anyone can come and enjoy a little bit of the environment in any way they choose. Bring the children, bring your friends or just bring yourself its all here to be enjoyed!

More information is available on:


  • Walking 1 mile is like walking the equivalent of 16 football pitches.

  • Walking an extra twenty or so minutes every day (about 1 mile) will burn off around half a stone (7 pounds) of body fat per year.

  • The average person takes 2,000 steps per mile.

  • Walking for one mile burns exactly as many calories as jogging for one mile, it just takes longer.

  • On average, every minute of walking can extend your life by 1.5 to 2 minutes. That's about a 2 for 1 trade-off!

  • When you take a step, you are using up to 200 muscles.

  • In a lifetime, an average person walks the equivalent of 5 equators.

  • On average, you burn around 100 calories per mile.

  • On average, you walk 5 miles each day, this equates to 1,680 miles each year.

  • 25% of all journeys in Great Britain are made entirely on foot.

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