Simon Lusty Equine Photography

PUBLISHED: 09:41 19 January 2010 | UPDATED: 14:35 20 February 2013

Deborah Fielding with Picanini Yejide

Deborah Fielding with Picanini Yejide

These photographs may have an 'Old Master' look about them but they're thoroughly 21st century. They're the work of Upton-based photographer Simon Lusty

Simon Lusty admits that he isn't 'horsy' at all but his work has taken a definitely equine turn of late.

"The equine photography began as an idea when I saw the work of a French photographer Yann Artus-Bertrand," explains Simon. "Yann is famous for his book Earth from the Air, however, over the last 10 to15 years has been photographing animals with the theme of cataloguing breeds. He has travelled all over the world photographing cats, dogs, sheep, cattle, pigs, horses and even 'the French'!

"I find Yann's work inspirational even though I am not a horsy person. Then last summer my eldest daughter became temporary owner/carer of a horse stabled at The Granary in Strensham. At the time I had a horse photograph to take for the Department for Transport so thought I would see if anything could be arranged through this yard and when I saw the facilities began to wonder whether I could try to create images along the lines of Yann.

"Initially this was more for the art than for any commercial activity. Finding the background was something I found more difficult than expected and after many attempts at using dye and different fabrics - I even took advice from a friend who is a set builder at the Royal Shakespeare Company - I eventually found the one I am using. I have seen many lovely background designs along the same theme on website in the States but they are pricey; however they also offer sizes not available in the UK so I expect that as business grows I shall splash out on one or two variations.

"The owners of The Granary were very happy for me try this technique using their horses and when we saw the results we both realised this was something special. Several of the horse owners who livery at the yard saw the photographs, and wanted their horses photographed. Since then the business has since grown through word of mouth.

"I was concerned that the flash would scare the horse. They may show some initial anxiety but with a little patience they soon settle down and ignore it. Confident handlers seem to be the secret."

Simon charges 50 per hour (plus travel expenses for trips over 50 miles). Prints start at 50 for 5 X 7 inch. For further details visit or tel: 01684 594371.

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