Star Count 2020: Join the discovery in the Cotswolds!

PUBLISHED: 15:37 27 February 2020 | UPDATED: 15:37 27 February 2020

Star Count 2020 (photo: anatoliy_gleb)

Star Count 2020 (photo: anatoliy_gleb)


The nationally led campaign run by the CPRE aims to raise awareness surrounding the issue of light pollution

Throughout time people have enjoyed the sight of a dark starry sky, however this beautiful natural wonder is unfortunately being affected by artificial light leaking from buildings and roads. Not only is light pollution preventing us from seeing the stars, it also creates serious disruptions to wildlife, endangering ecosystems who rely on dark nights to survive.

What can you do to help? Simply choose a clear night between the 21st-28th of February to take a star spotting trip and count how many stars are visible within the constellation of Orion.

This is an interesting activity that people of all ages can get involved in, ensured to inspire budding astronomists.

Home to many tranquil spots the Cotswolds is the perfect destination for stargazing. One of the best local destinations for dark skies is Nottingham Hill. Located just outside of Cheltenham, park up and relax in the heart of the countryside with a stunning show of constellations. Or spend the weekend at one with nature in the beautiful Mordiford.Lucksall Camping park is set in 21 acres of grassland by the River Wye. It is a truly peaceful place with no excess light disturbing your star counting!

Become a 'citizen scientist' and join the cosmic census to map light pollution. The results collected by you allow CPRE to tackle areas of high pollution as well as protecting 'dark sky' areas. Help combat light pollution and sign up for Star Count 2020.

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