Review: Lakefest 2016

PUBLISHED: 14:01 17 October 2016 | UPDATED: 14:01 17 October 2016

The family don Game of Thrones Fancy Dress - (L-R) Johnny Hung, Pamela Hudson, Rosemary Henderson, Lili & Rheya Hung

The family don Game of Thrones Fancy Dress - (L-R) Johnny Hung, Pamela Hudson, Rosemary Henderson, Lili & Rheya Hung


With a fantastic line-up, breathtaking BMX antics and plenty of family friendly events, Lakefest 2016 was a hit for Pamela Hudson and family

Rosemary Henderson & Rheya Hung crafting dream catchersRosemary Henderson & Rheya Hung crafting dream catchers

Can I start by saying what a wonderful time we had! We are a family of four; 2 adults, a 4 year old and a 6 year old. The activities for the children were varied and many of them were FREE! We enjoyed parades, stories, yoga and a myriad of crafts! We painted, coloured, made collages and got up to our eyeballs in clay! You could of course throw money at a range of other activities and fun fair rides too.

The atmosphere throughout the site was good-natured and relaxed. There were lots of families like ours of course but there was in fact a cross section of ages and groups all of whom were friendly. So much so that I realised we would have to revisit ‘stranger danger’ when we got home as here we were all friends!

The new venue was great – having never ‘festivaled’ at Eastnor Castle I was worried that Lakefest might lose its ‘easy to get around intimate vibe’, but it didn’t! The line-up was fantastic. Highlights at Lakefest included my 4 year old telling me she didn’t know who Cast were – but she liked them! Newton Faulkner – super late on – but so worth the wait! We didn’t watch much of the amazing BMX antics, but what we did see was breathtaking.

Wagon roll - Gary Henderson, Lili Hung & Rafa DogWagon roll - Gary Henderson, Lili Hung & Rafa Dog

What a pity the Severn Trent had such issues with the water (nothing the Lakefest team could have done) leaving us high and dry for a while over the weekend. If I had to nit-pick I would have expected more showers. I mentioned this to a variety of stewards etc. and was a little disgruntled to each time be told, what I assume was the party line, that “some festivals don’t even have showers”. Hmmm, that’s as maybe but these are festivals that don’t sell into the clean family fun concept and they are also ones I choose not to attend.

The range of bars/stages and musical output cannot be knocked. The camping, parking and festival distances were all not too far from each other and the fun to be had across the weekend was top notch! Well done Lakefest 2016!

For more information about Lakefest 2017 and how to book early bird tickets here.

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