IF HORSES WERE WISHES By Elizabeth SellersMonday 21st November Book Launch

PUBLISHED: 14:22 27 October 2011 | UPDATED: 20:12 20 February 2013

IF HORSES WERE WISHES By Elizabeth SellersMonday 21st November Book Launch

IF HORSES WERE WISHES By Elizabeth SellersMonday 21st November Book Launch

Book launch at Hatherop Castle School on Monday 21st November. The book If Horses were Wishes is written by a past parent at the school Elizabeth Sellars and she has chosen to launch the book at school.

Katy Robinson, an unhappy young foster child, daydreams constantly of a proper home with her parents, of having good friends, and of being as popular at school as Sandra Magill. Sandra has an enviable lifestyle in the countryside, with her parents and her horse Tommy, and is always surrounded by friends.

But when Katy daydreams of doing something admirable to impress Sandra, actually becoming a horse isnt exactly what she had in mind! However, being cared for by Sandras posse, and becoming friends with Tommy, helps ease her initial shock into a gradual acceptance of her identity as Katy the horse. But Katy-the-girl is officially missing and being looked for by the police and when Sandra and her friends decide to undertake to find their schoolmate, Katy finds she is able to lead them in the right direction.

Through various adventures, including putting the school bullies to flight, unexpected friendships and discoveries develop, and the question is will Katy decide she prefers being a horse, or will she try to find a way to become a girl once more?

In this fun, fantasy adventure for 10 to 16 year olds, debut author Elizabeth Sellers explores two of the most popular preoccupations of many young girls an overwhelming desire to fit in with their peers and an all-consuming passion for horses!

Elizabeth Sellers is British born, though currently based in Ottawa, Canada, where she lives with her two teenage children, a German shepherd dog call Merewyn and a cat called Merlin. Her love of horses began from a young age and she has gone on to share her passion for horses with young people as a riding teacher from time to time Her second book, The Flying Horse is due to be released soon.


By Elizabeth Sellers

ISBN 978-1-907984-08-2

Paperback 300 pages

8.99 December 2011

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