26 pictures that sum up living in the Cotswolds beautifully

PUBLISHED: 15:30 20 January 2018 | UPDATED: 14:21 02 February 2018

Bibury © Arena Photo UK, Shutterstock

Bibury © Arena Photo UK, Shutterstock


Is it any wonder the Cotswolds are one of the most popular places for a staycation?

1. We have so many houses that look like they’re straight out of a story book.

2. From grand and spacious mansions…

3. …to cosy family homes

4. … and cute little cottages,

5. … the Cotswolds has some of the most photographed houses in the region.

6. We’re a sporty bunch too. Especially if it involves egg shaped balls…

7. …or horses

8. … or hounds

9. …and big jumps! Cheltenham Festival witnesses one of the biggest jump racing competitions in the world, every year.

10. We’ve got a whimsical fashion sense.

11. You can’t walk down the street without seeing Schôffel fleeces…

12. ...tweed flatcaps,

13. …and toasty Dubarry boots.

14. Okay we might be stereotyping a little, but these items are the perfect attire for walking the Cotswold Way…

15. … before unwinding in a cosy pub.

16. And with so many dog-friendly pubs around, is it any wonder so many of us own pooches?

 17. We’ve got some super quirky traditions, like cheese rolling…

 18. …and onion fayres.

19. Speaking of cheese and onions, did you know the Cotswolds exports more than it imports? We’ve got some great produce being made, grown and sold here.

20. You can buy these items in one of the many independent stores…

21. …or quaint little farm shops across the Cotswolds.

22. But one of the best things about life in the Cotswolds, is the spectacular views.

23. Like the view from Broadway Tower for example.

24. Or this one from Cleeve Hill. There are so many.

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25. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

26. We’re only a two hour train journey from London, so come and blend in with the locals.

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