Pub Dog: Denzil

PUBLISHED: 11:01 07 September 2015 | UPDATED: 16:37 07 January 2016

"I’m a very sociable creature and will often join a group of people at their table if one of the numbers pops off to the loo or to get another round in"


If you’re anyone in the Cotswolds, you must surely have one of Denzil’s offspring living with you

"I patrol the bar with my daughter, eighteen-month-old Doris"

Name: Denzil

Address: The Keepers Arms, Quenington

Age: Eight

Sex: Male

Breed: Border Terrier

There’s never a dull moment at The Keepers. Blimey, where do I begin?

As well as being a brilliant pub for locals, and hound-central for a variety of canine companions, it also happens to be the home of alternative sculpture show, Artse [on until July 5], and was featured on the recent Four in a Bed TV series. Actually, not only did it feature, but it won, too. Result!

Dad, Jon, keeps the house in order – of sorts – while I patrol the bar with my daughter, eighteen-month-old Doris.

My self-confidence can get me into trouble at times, and last summer I was very nearly eaten by an Australian Sheepdog; the bloody thing bit right through my ear… it obviously had ‘issues’. On the plus side, though, it means I’m a very sociable creature and will often join a group of people at their table if one of the numbers pops off to the loo or to get another round in. I’m just keeping their seat warm for them, and making sure the conversation keeps flowing. All part of being a good host.

Jon says I’m a very ‘un-Border-Terrier-like’ Terrier. I think what he means by that is that I don’t kill everything I lay my eyes on, so I’ll take that as a compliment. Doris is a little feistier, but even she’s not exactly ‘murderous’… a little light cat-chasing is about as far as we go. There used to be a cat living next door to us called Genghis, though – a particularly nasty, big, old tabby – who stood his ground whenever I ran up barking at it. Unnatural creature… *shudder*

Doris’s mum, and my ‘squeeze’ at the time, lives with Tim Boyd (he of New Wave Seafood fame). He picked me up from Lydiard Millicent, near Swindon, and I was one of a litter of seven. I’m now a father of 13, many of whom can be seen locally: my son, Teddy, lives with Bob Parkinson of Cirencester’s Made by Bob; daughter Scrappy has stayed living with Tim Boyd; and former Mayor of Fairford, Trevor Hing, has Doris’s sister. It’s quite the Cotswold Border Terrier dynasty… though my siring days are over now. Ahem.

Favourite food:

Well, it’s not exactly a ‘favourite’ food, but Jon’s got me on a dry mix… I’d rather hold out for sausages and steak in the pub, though.

Favourite pub snack:

Jon keeps some great dog treats on the bar… I don’t know what’s in them, but I can’t say no! I’ve perfected this endearing trick where I walk along the bar stools until I reach the snacks and then rest my head near them on the bar. Works brilliantly. A proper, PROPER treat though is Gloucester Biltong… doesn’t get much better than that.

Favourite customer:

I try to make everyone feel welcome, but I am rather fond of the ladies. As far as boys go, though, I adore Richard Wilkinson from Macaroni Wood just down the road, who brings me gravy bones. Rich has a Lakeland Terrier called Maude, who fights with everyone except me… it must be love!

Walk of choice:

There’s a great walk from here to Bibury, along the River Coln… it’s about two miles, but there’s a pub at either end, which helps. Another good walk is along Ernest Cook land towards Fairford – that’s mostly populated by the ubiquitous Black Lab, though.

Favourite spot at bar:

Need you ask? On the bar stools, as close as possible to the biscuits, of course.

Favourite toy/collar, etc:

I will go for a stick and ball… at least I used to before Doris came along and monopolised the whole stick/ball situation. She’s yet to learn the art of sharing.

Dislikes/pet hates:

If we hear raised voices, Doris and I will try to snuggle in next to people and try to diffuse the situation. Doesn’t always work, though. I’m also a little nervous around young cows who will often try to chase us… those things are huge!

Dog’s danglies (top ale/cider):

We feature ales from Force Brewery in Cirencester, Stroud Brewery, and also Butcombe’s Grey Owl.

Hair of the dog (hangover cure):

Ham and jalapeño omelette, with Bloody Mary, works a treat.

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