Pub dog: Boris the Irish Water Spaniel

PUBLISHED: 14:07 26 October 2015 | UPDATED: 16:36 07 January 2016

Boris the Irish Water Spaniel

Boris the Irish Water Spaniel


Boris the Irish Water Spaniel is a very special dog indeed

Name: Boris

Address: The Wychwood Inn and The Lamb – Shipton-under-Wychwood

Age: Six months

Sex: Male

Breed: Irish Water Spaniel

My name is Boris, and I have been going to both The Wychwood Inn and its sister pub The Lamb, in Shipton-under-Wychwood, ever since I was a tiny pup. I live just down the road in Milton-under-Wychwood so my mum Lucy takes me along almost every day to come and play; I have already learnt how to get to both of them all on my own! I meet all sorts of friends in the pubs, including Brutus and Venus, two very large Old English Mastiffs, and my favourite black Labrador Jess (whose dad Simon always gives me lots of attention!)

I’m a very special dog because of my careful breeding; last year there were only 88 of us registered to the Kennel Club, meaning I’m almost one of a kind. Next year I’m going to be in the Irish Water Spaniel calendar (you can call me Mr November if you like!)

My granddad came all the way from Germany and was the best Irish Water Spaniel around, but when I grow up I want to be even better. Because of my character I love anywhere that has water to splash around in, when I go on walks I make sure we take detours to visit the local lakes and rivers. I’m training to retrieve dummies from the water so that one day I can be a gun dog, just like Granddad.

Favourite food:

Raw meat is definitely the best meal for me – anything from pig trotters to steak I will happily eat!

Favourite pub snack:

Mum sometimes lets me have a packet of pork scratchings when I’ve been really good, and occasionally the waitresses sneak me treats from behind the bar… don’t tell mum! My favourite pastime is to pretend I’m a vacuum cleaner and gobble up any of the food that customers drop; it would be such a waste otherwise.

Favourite friend:

I’m always very pleased to see all of my canine friends because it means I can play with them all day long; however my favourite person is Susan at The Wychwood because she always lets me sit by the bar, and often gives me secret snacks.

Walk of choice:

There are lots and lots of fields around Milton and Shipton-under-Wychwood meaning Mum and I are never out of walks to complete. I love the water, so we often go to the lake for a swim. Because I’m only six months old I have bundles of energy, so once I get home from my walk I love to play with my ball in the garden.

Favourite toy:

My favourite colour in the rainbow is green (perhaps because of my Irish heritage!) so any of the green toys that Mum gives me I will always keep in very good condition. My favourite is my little green ball.

Dislikes/pet hates:

There are lots of children on skateboards in Milton – I don’t like them one bit. I get very worried that they might run over my tail, or fall off and crash straight into me; I don’t know how they stay in control when they travel that fast!

Favourite spot in the pub:

I love to sit below the stools at the bar and see whether I can catch a few pork scratchings in my mouth.

Dog’s danglies (top ale/cider):

Hooky Gold and anything from Cats Brewery

Hair of the dog (hangover cure):

The Wychwood chef’s full English breakfast!

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