Revealed: the secrets to a long lasting carpet

PUBLISHED: 11:32 12 December 2017 | UPDATED: 11:32 12 December 2017

A wine spillage isn't the end of the world especially when tackled immediately (c) Carpetwise

A wine spillage isn't the end of the world especially when tackled immediately (c) Carpetwise


It’s that time of year when more visitors will be welcomed into your home and therefore we all like to pay extra attention to maintaining a clean carpet which is free from dirt and spillages. In association with Carpetwise, we bring you these invaluable tips to ensure your carpet stays at its best

Help! Which carpet should I choose?

First of all, the choice of carpet over wooden, stone or tiled flooring already saves you the arduous chores of sweeping, mopping and polishing.

Inevitably all types of carpet will attract dirt. However, some carpets will show more soiling than others and can be more difficult to clean.

The well known British carpet manufacturer Brintons are revered for their wool rich carpets which disguise dirt a lot better than some of the synthetic counterparts on the market. Due to the nature of the wool fibre, dirt is generally better hidden and is easier to clean.

Award-winning UK carpet manufacturer Cormar, make a range of Easy-Clean polypropylene carpets, as well as hard-wearing wool carpets, at its’ two Lancashire Mills.

Made using Excellon Polypropylene, spillages on Cormar’s Easy-Clean carpets can be treated using a solution of bleach without damaging the carpet and all the carpets come with a five or ten year warranty.

Associated Weavers also have a range of man-made carpets with excellent stain and wear warranties. Still boasting that opulence the brand is known for, carpets such as Distinction, a luxury soft pile, and the stunning yet durable Magnificus from the INVICTUS collection, are highly recommended for rooms with constant use such as living, dining and children’s bedrooms. They look fantastic and are easy to clean – perfect!

For more information on which carpet would suit your home (and suit you!) best, browse the vast selection in the Carpetwise showroom or take a look at a selection here.

(c) Stainguard at Associated Weavers(c) Stainguard at Associated Weavers

Maintaining your carpet

Ensuring the cleanliness of your carpet isn’t just for aesthetic purposes; it extends the lifetime of your carpet too!

Associated Weavers warn that if a carpet is already heavily dirty, cleaning is all the more difficult and expensive, and as a result, its life is considerably reduced.

The most important way to keep your carpet clean is vacuuming – with Brintons claiming that you can never over-vacuum! The carpet manufacturer recommends purchasing an upright vacuum cleaner with a cylindrical brushing action, especially for cut pile carpets.

Cormar carpets agree, recommending carpets should be vacuumed at least two or three times a week. Associated Weavers second that idea and suggest high traffic areas such as corridors, stairways and entrances can be vacuumed daily (if the time is there of course!)

Investing in a barrier mat is also a great way to maintain the lifetime of your carpet. A large, strong doormat will reduce the chance of dirt being walked into your home and mats placed in the kitchen and bathroom can prevent any spillages transferring into your carpeted corridors or living spaces.

In addition, as obvious as it may seem, a simple tip to reduce dirt transfer is to ensure shoes are wiped clean before entry into your home.

Treating stains and spillages

Mud trodden into the carpet, a red wine spillage or a dropped dinner isn’t the end of the world. The carpet manufacturers all agree: when it comes to stains and spillages on carpets ensure they are tackled immediately and not left to dry into the carpet.

Solids should be scooped away and the spillage should be treated with a blotting or dabbing action to prevent spreading or damage to the area. In most cases, the majority of stains can be removed using tepid water, however if a cleaning agent is required, make sure to follow instructions from your carpet manufacturer.

After cleaning the carpet, brush the pile with your fingers to restore its texture.

Associated Weavers advice on common stains such as mud (let the stain dry and thoroughly vacuum) and candle wax (moisten the carpet, using a hairdryer to heat up the wax and then removing with a towel) prove that there are plenty of simple ways to rid your carpet of tricky stains.

Additionally, Carpetwise can add the Satin Shield stain protection product to wool and wool mix carpets as an extra protection against soiling. Contact the flooring department for further information about this product and service.

Recommended carpet cleaners

For particularly stubborn stains and difficult to remove dirt, employing deep cleaning methods may be required.

The thick, wool-rich carpets of Brintons advise the use of Woolsafe-Approved operators and chemicals to ensure the cleanliness and quality of their carpets. Take a look at the range here.

Ensuring the cleanliness of your carpet isn’'t just for aesthetic purposes; it extends the lifetime of your carpet too (c) Associated WeaversEnsuring the cleanliness of your carpet isn’'t just for aesthetic purposes; it extends the lifetime of your carpet too (c) Associated Weavers

Associated Weavers suggest deeper extraction cleaning is necessary dependent on carpet use and care methods. Meaning if carpets are regularly vacuumed and stains are quickly and effectively treated, then deep cleaning won’t be needed as frequently.

For more information, or advice on choosing a new carpet that will suit you and your home, visit the Carpetwise website or call the carpet department on 01789 208916.

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