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Redesigning your home? Look beyond the obvious.

PUBLISHED: 13:50 27 June 2016

The Panel Company

The Panel Company


Summer is here. The kitchen is the heart of the home, as family and friends congregate for drinks, barbecues, dinner parties and just a good old-fashioned chat. But in the back of your mind you have bigger plans for the room. New designs. A new layout. Something fresher.

The Panel CompanyThe Panel Company

Maybe it’s the same with the bathroom. You’ve been meaning to do it up since you moved in but it’s just another one of those things you haven’t got around to doing. But this time it’s at the top of your list. You reach for the catalogue. Bath – check. Sink – check. Mirrors – check. Ceramic bathroom tiling – check.

Ceramic tiling in kitchens and bathrooms has always been there. No surprise there – it’s a tried and tested formula. It’s a safe choice - until you need to retile an entire room. Maybe there’s rot behind the tiles. Maybe the style is out of date and needs invigorating. Whatever the reason, the cost is enough to make anybody balk.

The Panel CompanyThe Panel Company

The Panel Company is a tiling company based in Chester. Their new VOX panelling system is an innovative, affordable alternative to the ceramic tiling people are so used to in kitchens, bathrooms, and even commercial buildings like schools and offices.

Kerradeco and Motivo are two VOX brands available at The Panel Company that are shaking up home design. With no replastering required, these ceramic alternatives are hassle-free, stress-free and mess-free replacements for ceramic tilings in the home.

The Panel CompanyThe Panel Company

They slot together seamlessly and are completely maintenance free, with no grout to stain or encourage mould.

Whether you prefer the look of wood, stone or marble there are literally hundreds of options. Alternatively, more traditional plain, subtle colourings can make the room functional. Useful. Either way, VOX products deliver an unrivalled level of sophistication at a price that will amaze you.

The Panel CompanyThe Panel Company

The high quality, heavy duty solid PVC wall cladding is a useful alternative to drywall, ceramic tiles, wallpapers and paints. The panels can be used to clad an entire room or selectively displayed on a feature wall for a different effect.

They’re water resistant too which means they do everything a ceramic tiling does. Everything except inflict damage on your bank account. This makes them perfect for first-time buyers.

They say that fortune favours the bold. If you find yourself instinctively reaching for the ceramic tiles – take a look around first. You might be surprised.

The Panel Company

9 Godstall Lane, Chester

Cheshire, CH1 1LH


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