6 top reasons to protect your home with electric gates

PUBLISHED: 12:59 04 September 2017

(c) Pioneer Automated Controls

(c) Pioneer Automated Controls


Once an extravagant staple of the country’s elite, electric gates and security systems are becoming an increasingly favoured option for homeowners for a number of reasons. We talk to Steve Ball at Pioneer Automated Controls, based in Gloucester, to find out why

A popular reason that homeowners opt for installing electric gates into their home is for privacy. Selecting solid wooden gates allows for complete seclusion allowing you to enjoy your home and garden without a thought to passers-by.

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Security is another reason people have electric gates fitted. Crime prevention advice will state that owning gates, electric or not, will act as a deterrent to burglars. Steve Ball at Pioneer Automated Controls says, “We find when gates are shut and secure, thieves won’t target these properties as they are unsure if they can get in and out easily. They would instead move onto a property that would be easier to access.”

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There’s something quite luxurious when you arrive to a property guarded by a beautifully designed, and installed, electric gate. At PAC, designs can be bespoke and individual as the customer requires.

Steve Ball believes an honest approach throughout the process is key. “We supply the customer with drawings to scale and ensure there’s the opportunity to change the styling, detailing and make the final tweaks so the customer is 100% happy. That eliminates any potential awkward moments when the gates are installed!”

Currently wooden gates are proving more popular; however, orders are still rolling in for metal gates.

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Electric gates can also give peace of mind when it comes to protecting your family and pets. While spending a leisurely afternoon in the garden, or perhaps even leaving doors and windows ajar, there’s always the reassurance that there are gates protecting the property and providing an extra level of security.

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Seen to some as a status symbol, and adding a touch of further elegance to a home, having electric gates installed can increase the value of your home. The first impression prospective buyers have is extremely important, and Steve Ball can contest, electric gates really give that “wow factor” on arrival to a property. “It just gives that edge over a similar property.”

The method used to control the gates can ensure a more convenient way for you and your family, alongside visitors and delivery drivers, to access entry into your home.

(c) Pioneer Automated Controls(c) Pioneer Automated Controls

At PAC, Steve Ball explains, there are plenty of methods of controlling the gates. From remote-controlled key fob entry and coded key pads to intercom systems, which allows for homeowners to communicate with visitors from their mobile phone, people are able to choose a system suitable for their needs.

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