You know you’re from the Cotswolds when...

PUBLISHED: 09:00 10 March 2016 | UPDATED: 16:15 08 February 2017

You know you're from the Cotswolds when...

You know you're from the Cotswolds when...


Do any of these sound familiar?

... you’ve huffed and puffed your way to the top of Cleeve Hill

... you’ve attended Cheltenham Festival

… and you know to avoid the town during race week!

... you have bought vegetables from Daylesford Farm

... your house is made of limestone

… you know where all of the dog friendly pubs are

… you have to cross a cattle grid to get into your village

… you have chased cheese down a hill

… you have surfed the Severn Bore

… you know the rules for shin kicking

… or Polo

… you’ve played football in a river

… you know that Tewkesbury floods every year

… you’ve received a Christmas card from Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen

... you have voted for Zara Phillips to win BBC Sports Personality of the Year

... you’ve fed trout in Bibury

… you’re a member of Young Farmers

... you’ve fed the animals at Cotswold Wildlife Park

… you have hired a rowing boat at Pittville Park

… your internet is really slow

… and you struggle for mobile phone signal

… you either have to walk ten miles to get milk or you use the cow in your garden

... village fêtes are your social highlight of the year

... you’ve walked the Cotswold Way

… and through Westonbirt arboretum

... you’ve shopped for antiques in Tetbury

... you’ve fired a shotgun

... you’ve tried some form of watersports in South Cerney

... you have drank in the same pubs as royalty

… your village bus only comes twice a day

… you own a Schoffel fleece

… you’ve been chased by a wild boar in the Forest of Dean

… you’ve driven a tractor

... you travel the Fosse Way as the Romans did

... you drive a 4X4

... your MP is a member of the Conservative party

... you feel privileged to have grown up in the nicest part of Britain

… and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

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