Winstones Ice Cream: Cool as ice!

PUBLISHED: 01:16 23 July 2011 | UPDATED: 19:45 20 February 2013

Winstones Ice Cream: Cool as ice!

Winstones Ice Cream: Cool as ice!

Cotswold Life's Ceri McQueen joins other local foodies and learns how to make ice cream courtesy of Winstones Ice Cream

Based in the heart of Stroud in Rodborough Common, Winstones Ice Cream are a family run business and have been producing ice cream since 1925.

From humble beginnings of selling ice cream from a motor cycle and side car, Winstones has grown considerably and is now a substantial supplier to a number of national supermarket chains and major retail outlets.
Nine time winners of the Silver Challenge Cup for excellence, along with numerous other major awards, Winstones Ice Cream, now owned by Alberts Granddaughter Jane Vear, is recognised as the Cotswolds premier ice cream manufacturer.

Everything about this ice cream is locally and sustainably sourced including the milk which comes from cows just a couple of fields away.
From the moment Ben Vear tweeted about the Ice Cream Making for Beginners course myself and other local foodies snapped up the tickets, the real plus being you get to take home what you make!

After arriving we were split into two groups with Ben showing us how to make ice cream at home. The recipe was surprisingly easy and we were taken through step by step. Once we had put our mixture in the ice cream maker and waited for the end result we were then handed over to Bens father, Colin Vear who talked us through the commercial and industrial side of making ice cream, which is a vital part of Winstones success today.

At the end of the course we left with two tubs of gorgeous Winstones ice cream and even got to see what our finished product looked like, but I think Im safer buying my Winstones from Waitrose than making my own!

More details on the next course are available from or on
Twitter @WinstonesIces
Winstones Ice Cream, Greenacres, Bownham, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 5BX Tel: 01453 873270 or 873794

Recipe: Blueberry Ice Cream


Remember where possible to support your local markets and producers and if the budget allows, stretch to organic ingredients:

100ml carton organic double cream
200ml local full fat milk
150g fair-trade caster sugar
1 large organic free-range egg
300g blended blueberries
A dash of Lemon juice


1.Beat together your egg and sugar in a mixing bowl, using a hand whisk and place over a low heat, stirring continuously until mixture thickens to a smooth and pale paste.

2.In a blender, whizz up all of your blueberries and add a dash of lemon and a few tbsp of water, until mixture is completely liquid and puree.

3.Combine the custard mixture with blueberries, return to a low heat, in a seperate saucepan heat milk and cream to near boiling point and pour over the custard mixture, stiring until combined, remove from heat and allow to rest before pouring the mixture into your ice cream maker or freezer proof bowl. If making without an ice cream machine, remove from the freezer after 1 hour and whisk to break up ice crystals repeat at least three times before leaving to set.

For more delicious recipes buy Ben Vears book Make your own Organic Ice Cream due out: October 28, available for pre-order on Amazon.

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