Pixley Berries, Herefordshire

PUBLISHED: 19:35 19 June 2013 | UPDATED: 19:35 19 June 2013

Pixleys Berries

Pixleys Berries

Pixleys Berries

Pixley Berries, Herefordshire, is today synonymous with gorgeous natural juice, pressed on our farm from only the BEST sources. At Pixley we live for taste, aroma, and colour from the nine fruits we squeeze. We firmly believe that the less you mess around with natural fruit, the healthier it is for you and the better it tastes. So we only gently press it, we don’t concentrate, and we lightly filter it retaining its natural character.

Pixley Berries cordials

Our ‘great taste award’ winning cordials are made with lashings of our natural fruit juice, pressed here at Pixley. We grow all of the blackcurrants which go into the range, meaning we nurture the blackcurrants from bush to bottle.

The Cordials contain fruit juice, sugar, water and nothing else…….no nasty preservatives. You won’t taste anything else like them, because we carefully select the most succulent fruits and don’t concentrate our juice. Each cordial tastes like fresh fruit straight from the bush.

The range includes our beloved ‘Blackcurrant’ made from our own top secret special “Pixley Black” Blackcurrant variety, selected for its fantastic flavour but also its ability to withstand the present changes in our climate.

It is accompanied by Pixley Berries ‘Blackcurrant & Raspberry’ and the NEW release ‘Cranberry & Apple’.

The cordials are fantastic with chilled still or sparkling water, try them drizzled on natural yoghurt or ice cream, in your summer puddings, or favourite tipple. They make mean mixers!

‘Pixley Court’ sophisticated grown up juices

Pixley Court is an exciting NEW concept. We have carefully selected the most exclusive juices from our treasure trove of fruits and blended them to taste complex, outrageously fruity, yet dry. They are designed to be sipped and savoured from a wine glass and enjoyed with a meal.

Our customers tell us there is nothing else like them and welcome a healthy grown up juice which is not sickly sweet, around half the calories of a glass of wine and one of your five a day!

In the range we currently have ‘Blackcurrant, Apple & Rhubarb’ which is exceptionally fruity and complex, and ‘Rhubarb & Apple’ a satisfyingly crisp English drink with a dry finish.

‘Pixley Press’ the NEW fruit juice range

Our taste team has expertly chosen our BEST single variety apple juices and out BEST fruit juice blends to create this fantastic NEW range.

The star here is the Apple & Blackcurrant, using another top secret variety “Pixley Noir” prised for its naturally sweet flavour profile.

We have a superb ‘Apple & Raspberry’, an ‘Apple and Pear’ and a range of our finest single variety apple juices: ‘Cox’ ‘Red Windsor’ and ‘Cilla’s Jonagored’.

Our Philosophy

Pixley is very conscious of the environment and proud of its rural heritage.

We increasingly look to grow plants which reduce the need for direct control of pests and diseases and require only judicious use of fertiliser, by doing this we encourage natural predators. This is beneficial to wildlife and reduces the need for synthetic treatments on the crops.

We enjoy several hectares of ancient woodland, a number of old coppices and old orchards. We abound with old hedgerows of mature trees, oak, ash, thorn, cherry, field maple, willow and alder, and wild rose too.

Notably, bio-diversity includes barn owls, dormice, otters, green woodpeckers, buzzards, bats and tadpoles. And we have a great collection of beetles from our hopyards.

Berry growers greatest friends are bumblebees, ladybirds, lacewings, beetles, typhs, soldier beetles, spiders and many others. Did you know there are at least 7 types of ladybird, red, yellow, brown and black, from 1 to 6 mm long? And their larvae are even more voracious feeders than the adults.

Our favourite time of year is May & June. Fresh green everywhere and apples and sloe in blossom. Bees and bumble bees at work in the berry fields. And the birds busy breeding.

At Pixley we try to encourage nature to reasserts its balance - but it can be nerve-jangling


Pixley Berries fruit growing sites are carefully chosen for soil, aspect, height above sea level and surrounding environmental features such as hedgerows and woodland reservoirs of insects and the natural ecology.

Important features include frost drainage and height above sea level to improve winter chilling and to extend the harvest in Summer. Air movement is important so we look for a compromise between shelter and exposure. Our blackcurrants particularly enjoy our deep rich silty clay loams associated with the old hop growing areas of Herefordshire, providing good reserves of moisture and nutrients during our drier summers.

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