Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling

PUBLISHED: 13:28 09 October 2015 | UPDATED: 13:29 09 October 2015

Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling

Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling

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Thanks to two TV presenters, pork scratchings - the iconic British treat - are making a comeback to pubs and shops near you.

Tom Parker Bowles (R)  and Matthew Fort (L)Tom Parker Bowles (R) and Matthew Fort (L)

Tasty Information

It’s 2010, and two TV presenters, Tom Parker Bowles and Matthew Fort, regularly found themselves sitting in a pub together mulling on the programmes they had just made. A pint of Fullers to hand, they mused on the manner in which potato crisps had evolved so quickly: so many brands, seasonings and shapes. And yet there in the corner sat the most iconic pub food of all, the pork scratching, unmoved. Together, they decided to try to do for pork scratchings what Tyrrells, Pipers and Corkers had done for crisps. Mr Trotter’s was launched.

The first big surprise of their journey was finding that 95 per cent of supposedly ‘British’ produced pork scratchings are made from Danish pigs - pigs with far lower welfare standards than our own. A search began for British pig farmers with whom Parker Bowles and Fort could do business and after six months’ sleuthing they were finally found. Now, Mr Trotter uses 100 per cent British pigs which are outside reared with plenty of room to walk about – making the pigs more textured and tasty to eat.

The second surprise was that pork scratchings contain zero carbohydrates and as they are cooked in pork fat they are also paleo diet friendly. As such, these snacks are adored by the likes of Kate Moss and Cameron Diaz who have publically stated that they pick at them to fulfil cravings when they are on no carb diets.

Mr Trotter’s revolutionary cooking process produces a crunchier porkier cracklingMr Trotter’s revolutionary cooking process produces a crunchier porkier crackling

The Recipe to Perfect Pork Scratchings

Mr Trotter’s revolutionary preparation and cooking process means he can produce a crunchier porkier crackling. This is because Mr Trotter cooks his rind three times and this allows him to use a wider range of cuts, including the more expensive – but arguably the tastier– belly rind.

Mr Trotter’s is best eaten fresh but will store happily for 5 months. For maximum crunchy deliciousness, scatter a pack of Mr Trotter Great British Pork Crackling on a tray and place in a 180°C oven for two and a half minutes maximum.

Serve your scratchings with some fresh, homemade guacamoleServe your scratchings with some fresh, homemade guacamole

Delicious accompaniments to pork scratchings

• Eat them deep fried and garnished with fried green plantains or fried breadfruit and coleslaw.

• Try a vegetarian version of pork crackling with chilli and lime flavouring

• Serve with some fresh, homemade guacamole, gooseberry and garlic mayo

• Scatter pork scratchings on top of pies and salads for a crunchy and delicious finish

Sweeter fuller lagers marry the pork’s sweetnessSweeter fuller lagers marry the pork’s sweetness

Drinks to accompany Scratchings

• Lagers: Sweeter fuller lagers and Lager Bocks to marry the pork’s sweetness

• Ales: sweet barley-rich Midland Milds; sweeter, more honeyed bitters with good mouthfeel

• Wines: Fino Sherries; Sauvignon Blanc and Champagne

Mr. Trotter’s Great British Pork Cracklings are available in three flavours – Original, Jalapeño and Mustard– RRP £2 per 60g bag; available at Ocado, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, Booths Supermarkets, Chatsworth House, garden centres, hotels, bars and restaurants across the UK as well as online at www.

Mr Trotter’s Great British Original Pork Crunch - the latest addition. It’s a radical new porky snack - feather-light, crunchy, lower in fat than conventional scratchings, and yet still has that perfect porky flavour you get in Mr Trotter’s pork snacks from using 100% British pigs.

Mr Trotter’s Great British Chestnut Ale is also part of the range. It is brewed from a blend of chestnuts and malted Maris Otter barley, producing a happy harmony of rich nutty creaminess and a honeyed note which makes the perfect companion to the Crackling. Available from many Waitrose stores; farm shops and delis.

Did you know...

• UK Sales: Sales of scratching increased by 50 per cent during the 2014 World Cup.

• The total UK pork scratching market is currently estimated at £28 million RSP.

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