Kettle® Chips

PUBLISHED: 20:29 20 June 2013 | UPDATED: 20:29 20 June 2013

Kettle Chips

Kettle Chips

Kettle Chips

The first bags of Kettle® Chips were produced in America over 30 years ago, on 29th July 1982.

Today Kettle® Chips is the number one hand cooked crisp brand in the UK. The chips are made with top quality potatoes, sunflower oil and authentic seasonings – hand cooked in small batches to give the distinctive golden colour, crunch and flavour of a Kettle® Chip.

The people at Kettle Foods have always believed that the simple approach to good food is best. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or MSG are added to the process.

Kettle® Chips are widely available in a range of pack sizes – 225g, 150g, 40g and 5 x 30g multipacks, to suit different occasions.

The Kettle® Chips story

The famous brand’s story started in 1978 in the United States when founder Cameron Healy started selling cheese and roasted nuts from his beaten up camper van along Interstate 5. His aim was to provide consumers with high quality, unique snack products.

Kettle® Chips themselves were inspired by some delicious, hand fried potato chips Cameron tasted on a beach in Hawaii. Recreating the simple process he had witnessed on the beach, Cameron launched Kettle® Chips in 1982, a premium crisp, hand cooked in sunflower oil, with thicker slices and seasonings made with authentic ingredients.

Cameron brought Kettle® Chips to the UK in 1988 following a six-week motorcycle trip through Europe with his son. He set up production in Norwich, Norfolk where the company remains today.

In 2010, Kettle Foods Ltd was bought by US snack company Diamond Foods Inc. Now over 100 million bags of Kettle® Chips are produced in the UK a year to the same recipe Cameron created over 30 years ago.

How the chips are made

What began as a quest for a great tasting snack made the old fashioned way, remains true to its roots and today is more popular than ever. Kettle® Chips leads the premium snack sector in its new product development and its commitment to producing the best possible quality snack.

When creating a new seasoning, Kettle® Chips’ head chef Chris Barnard sources the best tatsing ingredients possible, including the perfect potatoes to give the distinctive golden colour, crunch and flavour of a Kettle® Chip. Seasonings are chosen to complement rather than mask the rich taste of the potatoes.

90% of the potatoes are grown within a 50 mile radius of our factory in Norwich. When they arrive at Kettle Foods, the potatoes are hand inspected, to ensure their high quality, then thickly sliced with their skins on and cooked in batches in non-hydrogenated sunflower oil that is high in polyunsaturates and low in saturated fat. The slices are carefully tended by experienced chip fryers who turn the chips with a tool inspired by a garden rake for even cooking.

The chips are then flavoured with the great tasting, authentic seasonings and sealed in distinctive coloured bags.

Chris Barnard – Head Chef

Chris has been at Kettle Foods Ltd for over 20 years. His role is to create delicious seasonings for Kettle® Chips. He began his training at the Norwich Hotel School and in Switzerland where he was taught by chefs from Brigitte Bardot’s favourite restaurant, Les Muscadets de Saint Tropez.

Chris worked at a number of top restaurants including The Dorchester and the Grosvenor Square Hotel in London, where he was commis chef to Anton Mossiman. He fulfilled his dream of running his own restaurant in the 1980s, opening Bennigan’s on the Norfolk Broads. It was here that Chris first met Cameron Healy when he visited for lunch. The pair immediately hit it off and realised they shared a passion for using quality ingredients to create great tasting food. Cameron cemented the relationship by inviting Chris to become head chef at his Norwich site.

Chris is one of the leading innovators in the premium snack sector. He was the first in the UK to develop a Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar seasoning, sourcing his vinegar from Modena in Italy, as well as the much-copied Sea Salt with Crushed Black Peppercorns.

Kettle® Chips are available in the following varieties:

Lightly Salted

Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

Sea Salt & Crushed Black Peppercorns

Mature Cheddar & Red Onion

Smoky Barbecue

Sour Cream & Sweet Onion

Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream

Golden Parsnip, Sweet Potato & Beetroot

Seasonal Edition Mozzarella & Pesto:

Creamy Mozzarella, renowned for its milky texture and delicate, fresh taste, combined with a traditional pesto sauce of crushed garlic, basil and olive oil, is the very essence of summer. This is the combination that KETTLE® Chef, Chris Barnard, has captured in the new seasonal flavour of KETTLE® Chips ‘Mozzarella & Pesto’. Ideal for barbecues and picnics this summer, they taste great alone, with a creamy dip or coupled with a glass of wine.

In house chef, Chris explains “At KETTLE®, we are focussed on making the very best, tastiest chips. Our approach has always been to hand cook KETTLE® Chips with care and source only real food ingredients to make our unique seasonings. The new summer flavour combines the creaminess of Mozzarella, with the sweetness of basil, and complements the great potatoey flavour of our chips to deliver a winning combination for summer snacking”.

The new seasoning will be available in 150g bags for sharing, until September 2013.

Pack sizes




5 x 30g


Stockists include major supermarkets and Independent Food Stores.


RRP £1.99 for 150g bag, 65p for 40g bag, £2.69 for 225g bag and £1.79 for multi-pack.

Brand Extensions

As well as being makers of the nation’s favourite handcooked crisps, Kettle Foods now offers a range of products to suit all snacking occasions. KETTLE® Baked Crisps are a lighter, lower calorie snack range with no compromise on taste. KETTLE® Ridge Crisps are handcooked but with deep ridges to hold the flavour for a bigger, bolder taste and KETTLE® Tortilla Chips deliver a true taste of Mexico to enjoy at home.

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