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Introducing Double Dutch Drinks - friendly with flavour

PUBLISHED: 16:19 14 June 2018 | UPDATED: 17:25 14 June 2018

Gin with Double Dutch pomegranate & basil

Gin with Double Dutch pomegranate & basil


Crafting premium mixers and tonics that aim to bring out the best in your spirit, Double Dutch Drinks explain why gin is having a moment and what you should accompany it with

Growing up as a kids exploring the world, we come across wonderful-tasting things that open us up to new world of taste sensations. As we all get older we develop preferences and learn to know what we like and don’t like, and slowly lose our manic focus on only wanting to eat indulgent, delicious things. By the time we hit our 30’s we are more focused on broccoli and beans, and tend to stay away from exploring the exciting world of flavour. It is necessary and a positive change, but we need to keep that magical excitement for taste alive.

Lucky for all of us we have gin and tonics to keep us young. You think this may be a bit of a crazy claim, but we firmly believe in the above statement and we will tell you why.

Over the last couple of years, the Gin & Tonic has been reinvigorated in the UK. From a history of bathtub brews and moonshine-mixtures that would make the Queen blush, we have moved into a new era. Gin is no longer just something your musky old Aunt drinks, it is now a well-crafted spirit that offers a wide range of offerings in terms of flavour profile. From berries to botanicals to unbelievable infusions such as marshmallow, gin has truly transformed into a drink that has something for everyone. There are so many new things to taste and explore that is gives contemporary spirit drinkers a whole new adventure to undertake. There is certainly a childish glee to it!

We are certainly very pleased it has become such a colourful industry. As the new kid on the block, Double Dutch has been crafting premium mixers and tonics that aim to bring out the best in your spirit, in more ways than one. We are obsessed with flavour, always looking to find that mystical supreme balance that delivers not just a great taste, but a sensory experience unlike any other drink. Our founders, Joyce and Raissa de Haas, are flavour gurus who are always looking marry the classic legacy of tonic with vibrant, modern flavours.

The de Haas twins, who are young female entrepreneurs, have knack for using molecular gastronomy and food pairing techniques to find perfect combinations. They have conceptualized innovative and award-winning mixers such as Cucumber & Watermelon and Pomegranate & Basil. Every product is carefully researched, and particular attention is given to making sure the scent of the drink is as beautiful as the taste, as smell is a defining factor in whether you end up enjoying a particular food or drink. This process has led to a unique line of mixers and tonics that look to create a new way to enjoy premium spirits.

The gin industry growing in size and in 2017 there were 51 million bottles of the good stuff sold. This growth has given smaller, more disruptive brands a chance to make a splash which has led to some new ground-breaking flavours being developed, such as Copeland Gin’s Rhuberry which is delicious. There have also been a lot of interesting international gins finding their way to our shores, such as Bobby’s Gin and Marula Gin which uses a delightful African fruit to set itself apart. The gin category has really become a playground, and we are over the moon that we get to romp around in this juniper jungle with our versatile tonics and mixers.

Gin with Double Dutch cucumber & watermelonGin with Double Dutch cucumber & watermelon

Experimenting over the years, and pouring thousands of G&T’s we have come to know a few things in our time. We would like to impart three important tips for you to keep in mind as you enjoy the current gin zeitgeist:

1. Garnishes are important

Somebody once said that the devil is in the details, and God is in the garnishes! Always make sure you take that extra bit of time to prepare your fruit and artisanal additions, as they make a significant difference to the taste of the drink. Plus they look amazing and will impress guests at your next dinner party.

2. Use a great tonic

It is no use drinking high quality spirits if you are going to use a mid-range or over-carbonated mixer that drowns out the subtlety of the spirit. We suggest using the Double Dutch range for your gin mixing, and we say that not to plug our product but we say that as we want you to have the best possible flavour experience.

3. There is no “best” gin out there

Remember that everyone likes different things. Think of gins doing the same thing for your tastebuds as modern art does for your eyes. With so many interesting gins out there, make sure you experiment and find your flavour.

We hope you keep these three little snippets of knowledge in mind when interacting with the elixir that is gin. We are very excited to be getting our products into the Cotswolds, which we consider to be one of the more beautiful places in the UK. Keep an eye out for Double Dutch Drinks, as we want to share our innovative flavours with you.

To find our more, visit doubledutchdrinks.com.

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