Interview: Daniel Herman, CEO of Bio-Synergy

PUBLISHED: 12:50 26 June 2019

(c) Adrian Weinbrecht

(c) Adrian Weinbrecht

Adrian Weinbrecht

We talk exclusively to the CEO of Bio-Synergy, Daniel Herman, as he reflects on over 20 years in business and the incredible nutrition, supplements and well-being products that got him where he is today

Why did you decide to found Bio-Synergy?

As a child I battled with weight and bullying. During primary school I went from being really underweight and finicky with food and not participating in sports (which caused my parents many sleepless nights). Whereas at secondary school I became a vegetarian and in part due to the lack of healthy vegetarian options and a sweet tooth became very overweight and had real body confidence issues which meant that I not only bunked PE but games too, which ultimately compounded both my weight gain and bullying.

As with many in their teens I then underwent what most people would describe as a growth spurt, so by the time I reached university had reverted to my former very skinny self. At university in Manchester I spent my fresher year living with some tough sports and gym fanatics, who although did not bully me as such, certainly gave me a hard time over my physique (lack of) and erratic eating habits.

It was at this point I finally succumbed to exercise and began following rigorous training regime and began blending my own Rocky inspired shakes they included raw eggs, Horlicks, peanut butter, milk and almonds.

By the time I left university in 1995 it is safe to say that I had become a convert to fitness and whilst working in the City decided to enter the Gladiators as a contender. This meant that not only did I take my training to the next level but began using supplements too.

Much to my disappointment not only did I find that the products did not meet their promises, but tasted pretty bad too.

Following a run-in with the owner of one of these supplement companies, who was unhelpful to say the least I decided to leave my City job and start a sports supplement company, so I qualified as a PT, SAQ coach and nutritionist.

Suffice to say I never did become a contender on the Gladiators, but some years late we did supply the show.

Back in 1997 the market was dominated by bodybuilding brands and many of the products were not suitable for professional athletes or the regular fitness enthusiasts, so our goal was to make effective (research backed), clean and easy to use high quality range ideal for the fitness lover and professional sports person alike.

(c) Adrian Weinbrecht(c) Adrian Weinbrecht

With so many supplement brands in the fitness market, how is Bio-Synergy different? What makes it stand out?

Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has exclusively manufactured in the UK and was the probably the first brand to offer supplement testing for athletes, which is why as far back as 2002 Bio-Synergy was the official supplier to the Commonwealth Games.

In addition to this Bio-Synergy has often been at the forefront of innovation, launching the first all in one in 1999, first ready to drink protein in 2000 and have bucked the trend of many other brands at lowering the protein content of their powders by increasing ours to over 90% and 100% from isolate. Finally, I think what differentiates Bio-Synergy is our commitment to quality and understanding that different consumers have different requirements, so rather than have a one size fits all approach we have developed different products & ranges to meet different needs.

What are the key ingredients Bio-Synergy use in their supplements? Why are these important?

The key ingredients vary depending on the product and its purpose however the most widely used are Whey Protein Isolate, BCAA's Chromium, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, B vitamins, Arginine and HMB. These ingredients are important as over the last 20 years research has supported their effectiveness and the objective of all our products are to deliver results.

(c) Adrian Weinbrecht(c) Adrian Weinbrecht

What is the ethos behind Bio-Synergy?

In 1997, Bio-Synergy was founded out of a passion for health and fitness and a desire to create the clean, effective and high quality range of sports nutrition, to the support the goals of athletes and fitness enthusiasts to fuel their performance and make it happen.

Since its launch, over 4 million passionate sports and fitness enthusiasts have chosen Bio-Synergy to achieve their goals and fuel their performance. Bio-Synergy sports supplements have been used by many of the world's most respected athletes and teams, in fact, it could be said that Bio-Synergy is the best kept secret in sport! In fact, our range of sports nutrition may well have fuelled more Gold medals, PB's and World Cup wins than any other brand! Join the revolution and #MakeItHappen.

How important is taste when it comes to supplements?

Taste can be a tricky one as it can be very important, but is also subjective and very personal, if possible we opt for capsules over powders as this removes this issue and in many cases offers greater convenience and results. There are products however where taste becomes secondary over results a good example is the paleo diet protein.

(c) Adrian Weinbrecht(c) Adrian Weinbrecht

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