The Jammy Cow

PUBLISHED: 11:45 21 June 2013 | UPDATED: 11:45 21 June 2013




Lynn Perry, armed with only 3 maslin pans in her kitchen in beautiful Shropshire, has been making award winning artisan preserves since 2010. She is a jam maker with a business born out of stroppiness

“I never bought jam. I didn’t realise why until I tasted some at a local farmer’s market and realised it was all just too sweet for me. What was the point if half the jar was just left in the fridge?

I wondered if I could make it more to my taste. I challenged myself and booked a place at the next market. I reduced the sugar slightly in the jams, by about 10%, bringing out the taste of the fruit & armed with just a small selection of jams and chutneys I turned up and just about sold out!“

Lynn’s attitude is that her produce should be as natural and as seasonal as possible, as well as taste fantastic. “I only make my jams and chutneys in small batches using traditional open pans. You can’t beat the taste of home-made products.

In a perfect world I’d stick to purely season, foraged fruit. As it is, I have a large chest freezer now and freeze what I can from my garden and the countryside. Now that I’m busier supplying local independent businesses I do have to buy in ingredients. I try to buy locally grown produce from the local farm shop, British when I can’t and as ethically as possible if I have to buy from overseas. But I still maintain that seasonal is best!”

Lynn likes to be able to offer unusual choices and her Gin and Tonic Marmalade is a huge hit as is her Strawberry Jam with Pimm’s for those summer afternoon teas. Many customers have been challenged with, and even taken home a jar of, her popular Evil Chilli Chutney made with Jalapeños and Naga chillies.

A former library manager, Lynn took voluntary redundancy in 2012 to concentrate on the Jammy Cow full time. “Making jam & chutney to sell at the local farmer’s markets and national food festivals is more than a full time job. Working from home can be a double edged sword but I love it, even if my husband & daughter are slightly fed up with jars being in almost every room in the house. But, they do champion the cause and are both very supportive. My husband Ron is the inspiration for the business name to be honest. He’s always called me a ‘stroppy cow’ so it was a natural progression to The Jammy Cow”

The Jammy Cow

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