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PUBLISHED: 13:15 01 December 2009 | UPDATED: 16:23 20 February 2013

Adam Edwards visits the Seven Tuns at Chedworth

I am sitting nursing a Saturday pint of Youngs best bitter in the snug of the Seven Tuns when the door bangs open and a gang of anoraks barge in. `Door, I shout at the barn-born nylon ramblers. One of them reluctantly turns to shut it just as another phalanx of the woolly hat brigade arrives with the cold air.

Backpacks crowd the room uncomfortably. Soft drinks and half pints of shandy are ordered, pennies in sensible purses are counted and a lengthy discussion follows on whether or not to drink outside.

`Door, I shout but they are deaf to my request. My decision to spend my lunchtime drinking in beer instead of air makes me a modern leper in their eyes.

The Seven Tuns, a classic Cotswold pub buried in the side of a steep hillside, has the merit of having a large bar for the villagers of Chedworth and a couple of separate rooms for families (it has an excellent, daily-changing menu). There is an urbane landlord, pretty barmaids and most importantly a snug. Ideally a snug is a cosy extension of ones own home and the bolthole in the Tuns serves this purpose admirably. It is small half-panelled room with an open fire, the daily papers and a fish tank containing a couple of fat Piranha fish.

It also has a curmudgeon who occasionally sits on a high corner stool and shouts at the ramblers every time they gatecrash the room. `Door, I shout at the new arrivals.

Seven Tuns, Queen Street, Chedworth, Gloucestershire Tel 01285 720242

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