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Tips to save time and money on household utilities

PUBLISHED: 14:25 04 July 2017 | UPDATED: 14:25 04 July 2017

(c) MIPIX / Shutterstock

(c) MIPIX / Shutterstock


The pressure on businesses to manage their costs is harder than ever. With rising business rates, increases in minimum wage and auto enrolment, which are often out of your control, it is getting more and more difficult to find areas to save money

“Energy and water are two of the costs that are often over looked and put to the bottom of the “to do” pile. Most people know when their mobile phone contract expires, how many minutes and texts they are entitled too but have much less insight into their energy and water bills, which have a much bigger impact on the bank balance.” writes Jo Ragdale Co-Founder and Director of The Energy Maker. The average SME spends around £3000 per year on energy. A few simple measures can help cut this cost by up to 50%.

1. Reduce what you use: The cheapest and most environmental energy is the energy you save yourself. Simple things like turning off computers at night, changing light bulbs for energy efficient LED’s or turning the temperature down by 1 degree can save £300 a year. This all has to be balanced with making sure employees and customers are comfortable!

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2. Understand your contract: Don’t ignore your energy bills. Make sure you regularly read your meters. Sorting out errors on accounts can be extremely time consuming and your time.

(c) MIPIX / Shutterstock(c) MIPIX / Shutterstock

3. Shop around and switch: You’ve probably heard about this for your meter at home – why don’t you do it for your business? Make sure you don’t fall into the “renewal trap” as other things take priority. Out of contract rates can be up to 50% more per unit than in contract rates. Complacent businesses are where the energy companies make their money. If time is scarce use an energy consultant or energy broker - make sure you use a reputable company and whether you do it yourself or not, get at least 5 supplier quotes to compare.

4. Go Green: there are still good returns to be gained from generating energy onsite through solar and other technologies. Research also shows that an increasing number of customers and businesses want to do business with an environmentally friendly company so it’s good for sales too.

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The Energy Manager is a Cotswolds based consultancy helping businesses manage their energy and water contracts. For more information go to www.theenergymanager.co.uk or call 01666 715517

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