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Cheltenham-based PinPointMedia’s eye-catching branding takes to the road

PUBLISHED: 14:37 18 April 2019

Oliver Bruce, MD of PinPointMedia with the eye-catching branding

Oliver Bruce, MD of PinPointMedia with the eye-catching branding


PinPoint’s branding will be emblazoned on the side of an articulated lorry

Thanks to a groundbreaking agreement between Cheltenham-based media production company PinPointMedia & Nottingham-based DrivenMedia (as seen on Dragon's Den), PinPoint's branding has been hitting the road like never before, emblazoned on the side of an articulated lorry.

The eye-catching branding, designed and rendered in-house, is the brainchild of awarding-winning Managing Director Oliver Bruce. At the unveiling he said, “When I turned up today I really didn't know what to expect. Obviously I had seen the artwork but I hadn't seen it on the side of an artic lorry. It's quite something!”

The lorry, featuring a twelve foot tall Queen's Guard standing to attention and holding a tripod, will be circling Central London and the wider countryside with immediate effect. Alongside the soldier are the words 'We'll Shoot You' n foot high gold lettering. The idea behind the campaign is to grab attention and test the line what's acceptable in today's society. Oliver said “I really did wonder whether 'We'll shoot you' was too close to the line, but having seen it here today I think it really will serve a purpose and it really will be disruptive”.

Unsurprisingly it took a lot of work to get such a controversial campaign off the ground. The initial decision to use a rendered figure rather than a photograph was taken to avoid potential objections from models. Even with the omission of a real character, Driven Media hit some bumps in the road whilst trying to find a haulage business willing to carry the message. Despite initial objections, and with only a small delay, a willing haulier was found and the campaign embarked on its twelve month tour of the UK.

Oliver Bruce adds: “Our campaigns have always been a little bit different, a little bit quirky even. We really hoped that with this one we could do something completely new, to really shake up the industry. I think a 14 metre long lorry fits the bill pretty nicely.”

Oliver Bruce, MD of PinPointMedia with the eye-catching brandingOliver Bruce, MD of PinPointMedia with the eye-catching branding

Given that the truck will be seen by on average 55,000 people a day, PinPointMedia are confident that this campaign will help keep them firmly in the driving seat as Gloucestershire's fastest growing media company.

To find out more, visit pinpoint-media.global.

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