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Farm491: A home of innovation at Harnhill

PUBLISHED: 11:37 16 August 2017 | UPDATED: 11:37 16 August 2017

Harnhill workshops

Harnhill workshops


Harnhill offers a buzzing, close knit community where agritech ideas flourish and businesses take off

Manor Farm at Harnhill, part of Farm491, is the place where innovators can get their hands dirty! The workspaces are a creative hub; room for innovators to think, apply and innovate. Entrepreneurs should not have to work alone in silence, but join a vibrant agritech community where ideas can be shared, reviewed, and improved, ready for launch and trading.

Harnhill offers just that. A buzzing, close knit community where agritech ideas flourish and businesses take off. The workspaces can be configured to meet specific needs - whether for research on arable land and livestock, to access academic knowledge, or benefit from cutting-edge collaboration and meeting spaces. They are stylishly fitted out with modern interiors and high-spec facilities. Each business can take ownership of its own private working area as well as share in the communal space for collaboration – there are also private areas to host meetings and consultations. Whether you are walking into the office in a suit or driving out into the field in your overalls, the workshops offer the ideal agritech start-up solution.

With a diverse range of entrepreneurs looking to apply a technology solution to the agricultural sector, Farm491 is facilitating growth and enterprise across the Cotswolds. It forms part of the Royal Agricultural University’s (RAU) masterplan to help grow both the Gloucestershire and agritech economies by assisting businesses to accelerate their growth and exploit their full potential - and subsequently create jobs.

Agritech is one of the fastest growing sectors and includes a wide range of businesses; drones, robotics, aquaponics, precision agriculture, big data, crop data, bioscience, agronomy, apps, and GPS. The UN estimates a global increase of 2 billion people to 9 billion by 2050, when agricultural consumption is likely to be 60% higher than it was in 2005. The challenge is feeding this growing population “while nurturing the planet will be a monumental challenge”, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) - and it will be technology that plays a vital role in stabilising food security. With Brexit casting uncertainty with many, now is the time for the UK to refocus and redistribute its capital and energies towards the nation’s agricultural technologies.

To learn more about the workshops at Harnhill, office space at Trent Lodge or virtual membership and to find out how Farm491 is helping businesses, or to book your introductory tour, please visit the website.

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