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Cyber protection: It’s not the IT department’s problem, it’s the boardroom’s

PUBLISHED: 15:20 24 October 2017

(c) Rawpixel / Thinkstock

(c) Rawpixel / Thinkstock

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The dark net is an Aladdin’s cave for criminals, packed with sophisitcated ransomware ready to destroy your data and bring your business to its knees. But what can you do to protect your company? Tech Op, in Charlton Kings, is on stand-by

For the most part the evolution of the web has been a positive chain of events.

However, in the background, a deeper layer of the web has formed at a rapid and intensifying pace.

Introducing the dark net, a hidden and dubious layer of the internet, filled with ruthless and illegal activities.

An Aladdin’s cave for criminals, within minutes they can hack into your business and hold it to ransom.

To buy back your precious business data will cost you hundreds, if not thousands - but worse, it would effectively destroy your hard work completely.

You’re thinking: “This could never happen to us. Our business has a decent anti-virus package; we have an internal IT department and complex passwords in place.”

Unfortunately, these criminals can access your systems, software and your data easier than you think - even without the need of a password.

It’s not a case of if they choose you or your business to attack, it’s a case of when.

Don’t panic. Tech Op are here to help, advise and protect you against this spiralling cyber crime.

Their ethos is to educate, protect and recover.


Not only do they educate you and the board members on the dark web, ransomware attacks, unsolicited emails, dangerous links and social media hacking, they will also educate your staff. Which in most cases is the most vital part of what they do. By simply educating staff on how to review and handle emails or files and what actions to take, they install an ethos of care and caution across a business and help build policies to ensure staff and data remain safe. Educating staff on what emails you should avoid and why could immediately save £1000s.


They will review current security software and policies to ensure they are right for you and your business. It is not about locking your company down so tight that no-one can access anything. It’s not about bringing the whole company to a halt, causing a world of frustration. It’s about ensuring you have a good balance of the right protection in place and to function efficiently, the way you need to. Protection that is intelligent and flexible and can protect your data not only across your network, but also across the multitude of devices that you grant access to your files, such as smart phones and laptops. Devices which then connect to networks you do not control. A protection strategy is unique to every business and is more than just a firewall or antivirus.


When the attack takes place, and unfortunately it will, they need to work together to get your business up and running, functioning normally in the quickest time-frame possible, with minimal damage and cost. Therefore, having the right backup is essential, whether that is on disc, separate servers or in the cloud. Again, this must be right for your business and most importantly it must be continually tested.

Choosing to educate all staff, discussing how best to protect the business plus working out and testing the disaster recovery plan, is a decision to be made in the boardroom. Don’t become a victim. Don’t fall foul to the ways of the dark net or assume your IT team have everything under control.

Tech Op is here to help you, your business and work alongside your IT team. Arrange a free review of your security procedures and policies by calling 01242 570999 or visit the Tech Op website here.

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