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Colour Connection achieve Zero to Landfill status

PUBLISHED: 14:08 15 February 2018 | UPDATED: 14:08 15 February 2018

Zero waste to landfill

Zero waste to landfill


In today’s environmentally aware climate, this philosophy is becoming paramount in day to day business requirements

In the UK alone, we produce over 300 million tonnes of waste every single year, to illustrate that would be about the same weight as almost 57,000 RMS Titanic’s! A vast amount of rubbish to consider which is why it is increasingly important as responsible businesses and individuals we dispose of our rubbish effectively and carefully.

Colour Connection are proud to announce that they have now officially achieved Zero to Landfill status, having recently changed over to local firm Print Waste from Biffa for their recycling needs which has resulted in us establishing zero to landfill status. In today’s environmentally aware climate, this philosophy is becoming paramount in day to day business requirements.

So, what is zero to landfill?

The philosophy is simple. They help to prevent any waste material produced at Colour Connection being disposed to landfill, this in turn offers a far more sustainable route to resourcing for our future generations. How do they do this? They ensure that their waste goes to the correct recycling facilities. Cardboard and paper goes to paper mills, glass is re-melted, plastic is recycled into new packaging and food waste is composted just to give you an example. Achieving this status of zero waste to landfill makes them compliant with ISO 14001 which demonstrates that at Colour Connection, in addition to offering a professional and quality service to our clients, we are a caring bunch that are always looking for ways to help our planet!

At Colour Connection they are in the business of getting through a lot of paper and card through our printing and design services, so they are hugely mindful that they recycle everything possible. Paper is perhaps the most obvious and emotive area for environmental awareness in the media. It is often assumed that making paper destroys our rainforests the opposite is now becoming true. Between 2005 and 2015 European forests grew by 44,000 square kilometres, that is an area bigger than the whole of Switzerland!

Visit the Colour Connection website here.

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