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10 ways to become a more confident communicator

PUBLISHED: 13:31 27 February 2018 | UPDATED: 13:31 27 February 2018

(c) shironosov / Thinkstock

(c) shironosov / Thinkstock


Geraldine McCullagh worked in broadcast media for over 30 years, mainly in the BBC, as a presenter, producer and editor. She also trained and worked as an Executive Coach at the BBC. She now combines the 2 skills, as a self-presentation and voice coach. Here she shares ten top tips for being a more confident communicator...

1. Breathe. Take 10 breaths, with the exhale slightly longer than the inhale, to calm you down

2. Breathe from the stomach. Then your voice will carry without you shouting and it will have more resonance and authority

3. Posture. Stand tall, with your feet a hip’s width apart, your head up and your shoulders slightly back. You will look and feel more confident.

4. Pace. Most people need to slow down for your audience to absorb what you’re saying.

5. Pause. This helps with pace, lets you take another calming breath, can mark transitions in your material and creates anticipation.

6. Eye contact. Let your eyes travel from person to person, or around different sections of the audience to include them and demonstrate your ease

7. Bullet points. A read script, literally and figuratively, gets in between you and your audience, work from bullet points.

8. Practice, practice, practice and do it aloud so you get used to the shape and order of your presentation.

9. Playback. Use your phone or tablet to record your presentation and watch/listen back and give yourself a constructive critique

10. Be present. When you believe your message has great value to your audience and you are focussed on this rather than yourself, you will have real presence.

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